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What is Disease

Now we come to the practical application. Disease, as we ordinarily understand it, originates in a disturbance of this dynamic energy. The harmony under which the vital, dynamic energy usually operates becomes disturbed. Its pace, its rhythm, its rate of vibration become changed in on way or another, and this disturbance reflects itself outwardly by means of symptoms. The appearance of the external symptoms is a manifestation of the internal storm. In speaking of these external manifestations, we are not speaking of symptoms of arteries, or muscles, or of mind, but rather of universal symptoms shown in every part of the body, for the sick patient shows distress as a unit, and not as separate, single discrete changes or actions. Let us look upon disease as a unit of action moving in a certain direction, destined though it be. We must remain within the rhythm peculiar to our own vital force. That rhythm is normally paced between certain limits and when these are overstepped, heightened beyond the normal or lowered under it, we have sickness. Thus sickness is a disturbance of the rhythm of the vital force, either increasing or lowering it, and such sickness is manifested by external symptoms.
In drawing upon this store-house of dynamic force within us we are also calling upon another force which acts almost synchronously with the disturbed vital force of the human body. If the pace were exactly synchronous there would be no effect. Its acts by modifying the disturbing force by changing the rhythm. For example, in the case of a runaway train an engine is not sent in the opposite direction (allopathy) but in the same direction, following it. This engine of force acting in the same direction (Homeopathy) changes the speed (pace) and rhythm of the runaway and checks the train (disease).
Symptoms show themselves in just the order above outlined, mental, dynamic, physical, but not every patient shows all symptoms in all three classes. One patient may show symptoms in the mental sphere, another in the dynamic sphere, and yet another in the physical sphere. Every patient will show some symptoms from all three spheres if careful search is made for them, but the symptoms shown will be more prominently marked in some one particular sphere.

What is Disease


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