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Vital Energy

A thorough understanding of the subject of energy is a necessary foundation for the study of Homeopathic philosophy, if the student is to understand the principles upon which the practice of Hahnemannian Homeopathy is based.
Energy, as we understand it, is of a three-fold form, spiritual, dynamic and physical. In practical application we think of the source of energy as being a thing upon which we can draw. We draw upon spiritual energy, upon dynamic energy, upon physical energy. Because we speak of three forms of energy we do not mean that they are essentially different. They are not. The different forms shade insensibly into each other. Energy is a store-house of vitality which exists in all nature and it shall be our special effort to so train you that you may avail yourselves of the power which we call energy.
In Homeopathy we are more particularly concerned with dynamic energy. This dynamic energy Hahnemann called the dynamis, the spirit-like, vital force, animating the material body. In the human body we have present all three forms of energy, the physical in the tissues, the dynamic in the brain and nervous system, and the spiritual in the mind. This dynamis of the human organism interpenetrates each and every physical tissue of the body, it does not sit apart and superintend the actions of the tissues and organs. It is the thing, the power, the force, upon which we depend for reaction. This brings up down to the practicality of taking advantage of this dynamic energy in our Homeopathic prescribing. All energy, in its essence, consists of action and reaction, and this action and reaction are equal and opposite.



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