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The Way To Avoid Heart Disease, Smiles

Apparently it’s easy to avoid heart disease, just with a smile. It is concluded from the results of a recent study published in the journal Psychological Science.

Researcher, Suggestions Pressman working at the University of Kansas, as quoted from huffingtonpost, said that when he smiled, eyes and mouth muscles involved to lower the heart rate. It’s useful thing to do when someone is experiencing stress or pressure.

“If you’re stuck in traffic jams, and experience stress, try to hold your face and smile for a moment,” said Pressman suggestion.

By doing this, the heart rate will decrease, and you will avoid the risk of heart disease triggered by stress.

Involved in the study 169 students who were trained to be able to smile with their mouth to bite on chopsticks. While still biting chopsticks and smiling, the volunteers had to perform activities that trigger stress.

The result, they are smiling to the eye and mouth muscles are interested, have a more stable heart rate. While those who only smiled a little, or widen the mouth alone, the effect is not so noticeable on the heart.

So do not forget to smile even in a bad state. So you avoid heart disease.The Way To Avoid Heart Disease, Smiles


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