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Sunlight Can Improve Fertility

Couple who crave the presence of a baby, try a vacation to the beach. Not just a vacation, but also increase fertility by basking in the sun.

Researchers from the Medical University of Graz, Austria, found the sun can improve the quality of male and female fertility.

These properties are in vitamin D which is 90 percent contained in sunlight.

Vitamin D is often called the sun-a key vitamin in the balance of s** hormones in women and increase sperm count in men.

For women, vitamin D helps increase s**** hormones, such as progesterone and estrogen by 13% 21%. Vitamin D can also launch the menstrual cycle and increase the likelihood of conception in the womb.

Whereas for men, vitamin D is an important part in the development of the sperm cell nucleus. The hormone testosterone also increased, along with the increasingly fierce l*****.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the effect of sunlight on fertility not only in humans but also in the animal world. Some species of animals shown to have a lower fertility rate when hibernating in winter.

Rats that live in dark places also have a fertility rate 73% lower than other animals that live in the sunlight.Sunlight Can Improve Fertility


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