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Simple Ways To Prevent Diabetes And Stroke

Restrict eating at the restaurant and controlling sugar intake is an effective way to prevent both diseases.

Eating sugary foods can produce energy for the body quickly.

However, excessive sugar intake can also be detrimental to health.

This is evident from the results of various studies that show eating too much sugar associated with an increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke.

Not only that, but sugar also affects obesity because of its high calorie content. Worse yet, some studies have also found that the extra sugar is just as bad as alcohol or cigarettes.

Therefore, you are fond of eating sweet foods should begin to limit your intake of these foods. Then, offset by doing the following:

Eating foods made Himself

When you frequently eat meals outside the home, you will be hard to control how much sugar you eat every day. Restaurants rarely provide information about the nutrients contained in the food they serve. To prevent excess intake of sugar, cooking at home is the best way to control what substances enter the body, including sugar.

Check the dose of sugar

Sipping sugary drinks, especially canned drinks (carbonated) contains high levels of sugar, does not provide any nutritional benefits to your body. Keep in mind, there are about 39 grams of sugar in each can of coke. Therefore, avoid these types of drinks to reduce sugar consumption.

nstead of bottled drink, you better replace it with fruit juice or a cup of tea has health benefits for the body.

Avoid Desserts

If you want to stop the habit of eating sugar, get used to eating healthy foods with balanced nutrition. For example, lean meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains that make the stomach feel full faster. How to eat like this will cut the desserts that usually contain a lot of sugar.

Discipline to manage your diet

A study from the Journal of Nutrition and Diet Academy conducted a survey of 123 women, and found that those who were previously the most fat-bodied but managed to lose weight is that they control their food intake regularly with discipline.Simple Ways To Prevent Diabetes And Stroke


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