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Remedies For Pimples After Shaving

No matter how expensive or well-known the brand of shaving cream they use for their wet shave, or how expensive the electric shaver they have purchased, many of them still suffer from pimples after shaving. Since most men nowadays prefer to be clean-shaven rather than having a beard, the daily ritual of shaving has to be observed.

Whether you prefer a ‘wet shave’ or an electric razor, there is one problem that many men experience and find it hard to resolve. Shaving pimples or razor bumps as they are sometimes known, have become a very common problem of many young adults.

If you too, have suffered with this problem, before going for expensive over the counter remedies or even prescription treatments for pimples after shaving, you can try these simple and effective home remedies to resolve the problem:

pimples after shaving1. Rinse your face with warm water before your shave and make sure to use a simple razor that does not have a ridiculous amount of blades to it. One or two blades on a razor will do the trick. Shave after a shower so the facial hair is softer and the pores more open – which will make it easier. Also, use a simple unfragranced shaving cream that will not irritate your skin. This will also help to keep the hair a bit softer when you shave.

2. Make sure that you allow the soap to remain on your face for a few minutes before you start shaving and always shave in the direction of the hair growth. Do not go over the same area on your face more than twice as this can make the skin sore.

3. Sterilise your razor after each use by dipping it in boiling water or some rubbing alcohol. Change your razor blade every week – whether you think it needs changing or not and don’t let your girlfriend shave her legs with your razor – that is a definite no-no!

shaving pimples4. In-between shaves, make sure that you only clean your skin gently using soaps that are not too harsh on your face and the area under the chin and jaw line which can also be affected with shaving pimples. Try to avoid those ‘skin rub’ types of lotions and cleansers. These can make your condition worse or just irritate the skin. There is no need to buy anything fancy and expensive when it comes to cleansing the skin.

5. Avoid direct sunlight, or use a good, high factor sun protection on your skin (being sure to choose one which is non-comedogenic so that it does not block your pores).

Skin prone to pimples is more sensitive to strong sunlight so you need to take extra care to avoid burning and sun damage.

6. Last but not least, clean your pillowcases and towels, if possible, every day. These harbour the bacteria that can re-infect your skin because they absorb the oils and dead skin cells from your face whilst you are sleeping or when you dry your face. If you do not keep everything that comes into contact with your face, scrupulously clean and resist touching your face with your hands as much as possible, you will find your shaving pimples problem hard to resolve.

Treat any sore places, pimples after shaving or razor bumps with mild antiseptic or an anti-microbial cream to keep your skin clear of infection. A simple dab of tea tree oil on a cotton bud is just about as good as any of the expensive products you could buy and natural on your skin too.Remedies For Pimples After Shaving


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