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Prevent Disease By Handwashing

The hand is one of the main lines of germs into the body. Therefore, wash hands with soap and running water becomes obligatory to prevent infectious diseases transmitted through the hands.

Unfortunately, the people of Indonesia are not familiar with these healthy habits. Instead tend to use an antiseptic solution which is considered more practical.

In fact, getting used to wash hands with soap to be the easiest and cheapest way to prevent at least 10 health problems because of germs.

Based on research by Curtis V. Cairncross, wash hands with soap can reduce diarrhea risk by 47 percent. In Indonesia, the results of research non-governmental organizations (NGOs) spectra of the 550 students in 11 districts in East Java showed that washing hands with soap, especially before eating, can reduce absenteeism due to sick child diarrhea up to 11 percent.

In addition to diarrhea, other illnesses can be prevented by washing hands with soap is a sore throatrespiratory problemsdiarrheaskin irritationprickly heatred eyesacnebody odor and typhoid.Prevent Disease By Handwashing


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