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Pimples, What You Need To Know

Having pimples is the most common problem that people have especially those who are still in their teens. A pimple is a kind of acne and is a result of excess oils that are trapped in the pores.

A lot of things have been pointed out as the causes of pimples and are not really true such as:

  • Being so stressed does not necessarily cause acne. Pimples last longer because people tend to prick them because they do not want their pimples to be on their face.
  • Having so much sweat does not cause acne because pimples are result of excess oils.
  • Staying in the sun longer than usual. The ultraviolet radiation does not cause acne breakout.

The true causes of pimples are:

  • Bacterial infection – this makes the acne to breakout and this is caused by not cleaning the face properly. You must wash your face 3 times a day, it will not only clean your face but it will also help you avoid having oily skin.
  • Touching the face more often than usual – when you touch your face and your hands are dirty or oily then you will most likely irritate your face. An irritation in your face causes it to breakout. Avoid also scratching your pimples because this can cause them to spread. Avoid also pricking your pimples, this will make you pimple stay longer and it can also spread the bacteria.
  • Chocolates, pizza, greasy and fried foods and junk food.
  • Using make ups or cosmetics that is not only cheap but also low in quality. These products may contain ingredients that are not good for sensitive facial skin.
  • Female cycle. The breakout of acne increase in women before the monthly period, this is because of the changes in hormone secretion.
  • Physical diseases, pathological changes in the stomach, kidney and other organs cause the acne to breakout.
  • Medications such as oral contraceptives, diet pills, and drugs that contain bromide and iodide triggers endocrine imbalance that accumulates toxin and this causes acne.
  • More secretion of androgen causes pimples because it increases directly the production of sebaceous glands which is the one that block the oil glands. When the oil glands are being blocked, it causes inflammation and as a result the acne breaks out.
  • Pimples, What You Need To Know


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