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Obesity Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Diet

It is not easy to define the state of obesity except in very broad terms. It is, generally speaking, a condition of the body characterized by excessive accumulation of fat under the skin and around certain internal organs, the weight charts for men and women according to their heights are only rough indication of the state of health of a person depending on his body weight. Readers must have come across persons whom they thought to be fat but who were quite active and healthy, and did not suffer from the disorders which are commonly associated with obesity.

Causes and Symptoms For  Obesity

Various causes are assigned to the development of obesity. It may be due to disturbaces of some of the endocrine glands, such as the thyroid, pituitary, and the sex glands. Obesity runs in some families. But beyond that, obesity is due to wrong diet and, generally, overeating. A luxurious, inactive, or sedentary life is a well-recognised predisposing factor. The more immediate exciting causes are over-feeding and intake of liquids, particularly alcoholic beverages of liquor. Intake of food beyond the quantities required to replace the energy lost, goes towards increasing the fat in the body.

Good health cannot be maintained for long under conditions of excessive obesity, for the increase in the bulk of the body, rendering exercise more difficult, leads to relaxation and defective nutrition of muscles, while the accumulation of fat in the chest and abdomen causes serious embarrassment to the functioning of various organs in these cavities. In general, the mental activity of the highly corpulent becomes impaired. The obese are more liable to fall prey to many diseases because of lowered body resistance. According to Ayurveda, obesity is caused by the impairment of the Agni responsible for the break up of the molecules of fat.

Medicines and Prescriptions:

The following medicines, if taken over a long period, along with a restricted diet and increased exercise of the body, would definitely help in reducing body fat.

The basic purpose of Ayurvedic medication is to strengthen the agni by administration of drugs like Guggulu, Sunthi, Pippali, and Maricha. Guggulu (Balasmodendron mukul) is the drug of choice in obesity. Fifteen grains of purifid Guggulu should be administered four times a day, followed by hot water or any other hot drink, preferably skimmed milk.

Haritaki is another useful drug which not only clears the bowels but also helps in reducing the amount of fat in the body. the pulp of this fruit should be given in doses of one teaspoonful at bedtime with hot water.

Trikattu Churna:Nayaka Guggulu and trikatu churna should be taken thrice daily with cold decoction of triphala and a little honey.

Lauharishta:  24 ml should be taken twice daily, after meals,with lukewarm water.

Arogyavardhini: 240 mg to be taken thrice daily with decoction of haritaki.

Diet and Other Regimen:

The most important requisite is to reduce the intake of food and to increase the output or expenditure of energy through controlled regimen of exercise. If the intake of food is more than the quantity required, fat tends to accumulate and leads to distressing symptoms associated with obesity.

Green vegetables and salads, fruit juices, and a liquid diet are best for a fat person. The intake of fat and carbohydrates should be severely restricted. Foods with large bulk but comparatively less nutrition should be recommended. The total calorie intake should be reduced. In addition to reduction of diet, the patient should be advised to give up sedentary habits and to take exercise. Sleeping during the day, reclining on sofas and soft chairs, and a lethargic way of life should be given up.Obesity causes symptoms and treatment


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