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Myths Water Bottled

Myths  Water  Bottled

#1: BOTTLED WATER IS BETTER THAN TAP. Not necessarily because water is enclosed in a container, it can be considered better than the water we can directly get from the faucet. In fact, 25%-40% of bottled water comes from a less exotic source which is mainly on the US municipal water supplies.

#2: PURIFIED WATER TASTES BETTER. Substances like sodium, calcium, magnesium and chloride are the contents that give water its flavor. And for distilled water to be tasteless, all minerals and salts should be removed. For tap water, chlorine is the reason why it has an “off” taste. Removing or adding these substances are the only reason why water tastes better than the other.

#3 BOTTLED WATER WITH VITAMINS, MINERALS, OR PROTEIN IS HEALTHIER THAN REGULAR WATER. Many nutritionists believe that these natural additives to bottled water are just part of the manufacturer’s marketing strategy. Enhancing the taste with the use of sugar and artificial flavors is one of their tactics. But when it comes to original contents, regular water and bottled water are just the same.

#4: YOU NEED EIGHT 8-OUNCE GLASSES OF WATER EACH DAY.According to The Institute of Medicine, 91 ounces are the recommended amount of fluid that women need everyday. This comes commonly from the water, juice, coffee, tea, or other beverages that we drink and the remaining 20 percent comes from the food we eat.

#5: AFTER AN INTENSE WORKOUT, BOTTLED WATER IS BEST. Since most bottled water, particularly sports drinks contain sodium and potassium mainly on the additional flavoring added on it, it can certainly quench anyone’s thirst. However, regular water can very well provide stimulants even after workout.

#6: WATER BOTTLES ARE EASY ON THE ENVIRONMENT BECAUSE THEY CAN BE RECYCLED. It is a good thing if recycling can be done at all times on all water bottles being used. But unfortunately, 86% of the 70 Million empty water bottles being produced per day and sold in US ends up in trash.Myths  Water  Bottled


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