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Migraine Headaches Treatment in Homoeopathy

Migraine Headaches Treatment in Homoeopathy

If ever there was a permanent cure for migraine, homeopathic medicines are the only one that can do this miracle. It may sound like an overstatement and quite quackerish, but it’s true. Long term treatment with homeopathy has an excellent cure for migraine headaches. The top five homeopathic medicines that I have found to work best to cure migraine headaches are Glonoine, Belladonna, Iris Versicolor, Epiphegus and Nux Vomica.

Glonoine for Migraine Headaches
Glonoine, I have used it as a general medicine for migraine and have succeeded in many obstinate cases of migraine. There are no hardcore specific symptoms to prescribe Glonoine but general features of migraine like congestive headaches, throbbing headaches. Glonoine works well to treat headaches that result from an exposure to sun, heat etc. Other indication when Glonoine is strongly indicated is that Head feels enormously large as if the skull were too small for the brain. It is also very useful for headaches that result during the period of menopause. Another very important indication for Glonoine is the strong relationship that headaches have with sun. ‘Sun Headaches’ as they are often called as are related with the increase and decrease in the sun. Headache with strong throbbing are quite typical of Glonoine. I have used glonoine in various potencies ranging from 30c to 10m depending upon the merits of the case.

Belladonna for Migraine with congestive headaches
Migraine Headaches Treatment in HomoeopathyListing of Belladonna here at number 2 in this article, doesn’t mean that it is any less effective than glonoine. On number of occasions (When indicated) belladonna has been my first choice. Symptoms that lead to prescribing glonoine in headache are quite similar to glonoine as both of them are used for congestive headaches. Sun aggravation usually differentiates belladonna form glonoine. Main indication for use of belladonna is headaches that become worse with light, noise, jar, lying down. Another important indication for belladonna in Migraine is that headaches tend to aggravate in the afternoon. Belladonna is also useful for headaches that usually occur in the forehead region. In a Calcarea patient belladonna usually works well to treat all kinds of headaches.

Iris Versicolor for migraine with vomiting and nausea
I have used this medicine for migraine headaches that are attended with severe nausea and vomiting. Nausea can be so strong that the patient is not relieved by even by vomiting. Iris is indicated in headaches that are attended with visual disturbances. Headaches that begin with blurring of the vision are very effectively treated with it. Headaches in the frontal area and right temple, respond more favorably to this drug. Migraine headaches when associated with heartburn often respond very well to this homeopathy medicine

Epiphegus for migraine headaches
A lesser known drug for migraine but does wonders if symptoms match. I can personally vouch for Epiphegus .I treated my cluster headaches with Epiphegus which would settle over my left eye. Epiphegus is very effective for cluster headaches. This drug has more affinity for left side. It is indicated when headaches come on with MENTAL EXERTION or MENTAL TIRE. Headaches that are triggered by going out in the sun or, shopping or any deviation from normal routine. Mainly headaches that are caused by overwork or fatigue, Epiphegus does wonders in curing them miraculously.

Nux Vomica for gastric Migraines
Gastric migraine is a new terminology that is being used in modern medicine nowadays. It refers to a condition where the headaches are accompanied by gastric disturbances. The gastric disturbances that are usually accompanied with migraine headaches are constipation (this could be in the form of ineffectual desire to pass stool; or not getting complete evacuations) bloating of abdomen or feeling of gas; or a feeling or an inability to release gas. Nux is also used for headaches that brought on by eating fatty, rich fried food. Alcohol consumption when leads to triggering of headaches are effectively treated with Nux Vomica.


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