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Learn Two Languages ​​To Increase Brain Function

The benefits of learning two languages to children is still debated. However, research by a team from Scotland revealed that children who master two languages are generally more creative and have good problem solving skills.

Perspicacity is necessary to communicate fluently in both languages so that it is considered will enhance the ability of children to think.

“Bilingual is now considered to have positive benefits for children, but there are opinions that say it can be confusing so it would interfere with the child,” says lead researcher Fraser Lauchlan.

In his research, Lauchlan managed to reveal the benefits of learning two languages for children, not just in terms of communication, but also arithmetic, problem solving abilities, as well as the ability to think creatively.

The study involved 121 children aged 9 years in Scotland and Sardinia, an island in the region of Italy, who communicate in English or Italian. Of all respondents, about 62 children to master both languages and also master the language of Sardinia.

The children were then given a number of tests in English and Italian. In particular they were asked to mimic the pattern of colored blocks, was asked to repeat series of numbers, guess the letters, to solve the problem.

Children who speak two languages have better test results than children who only communicate in one language.

“When we tested the ability of the child grammar, it appears there are differences in detail and the way they describe. In addition, their ability to focus on important information, including sorting out what is important and not, much better,” said Lauchlan.

Learn Two Languages To Increase Brain Function


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