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How To Treat Hysteria With Natural Medicine

Hysteria is a neurosis which manifests ifself by overaction of some parts of the nervous system. The symptoms of hysteria are convulsive seizures, spasms and contractions of the limbs, paralysis, loss of sensation over areas of the body, and affliction of the various internal organs. Most of these symptoms are the result of auto-suggestion and are readily relieved by suggestion from another person.

The condition is far more common among women than in men. Faulty upbringing during childhood predisposes a person to hysteria. Young women with somewhat unequally developed minds and pampered habits can become hysterical due to sudden fright, family worries, grief, or a love affair. Mental changes occur among victims of hysteria. They become whimsical, are dominated by certain fixed ideas, and prove incapable of the same work and concentration as before, they become more excitable and hypersensitive.

Convulsive hysteria is the most market form of hysteria. An attack provoked by some excitement may begin with laughter or weeping, or may give no warning sign. The victim falls into a semi-conscious or unconscious condition. The difference between an epileptic fit and a hysterical fit is that the victim of epilepsy falls don suddenly, injuring himself, whereas a hysterical patient gently subsides into a chair or on to the floor. She moans, moves her head from side to side, and rolls her eyes.

During this stage, she may see visions and exhibit powerful emotion of fear, ecstasy, or joy. Loss of sensationin some parts of the body is often noticed. In some cases, it may even resemble paralysis. The other manifestations are spasms and contractions of the muscles, leading to some deformity if the muscles are too tightly pulled during a fit.

The paralysis accompanying hysteria is generally of a psychological origin, passing off if he attention is strongly diverted or somebody is able to mentally affect the patient, I some cases, the muscles of the larynx become paralyzed and the victim may go about like a mute person for years before some powerful influence forces her to exert her will and the voice box becomes active again.

Hysterial affects only those people who have a weak will power and are given to fantasies of suffering. In some cases there may be some changes that take place in the internal organs of the body. Constant hiccups, barking noises, excessive vomiting, darrhoea, absolute loss of appetite, and profound changes in blood circulation may take place. A joint, especially of the hi or the knee, may become swollen, stiff, and painful and may remain so far months.

Diet To Treat Hysteria

The Patient can continue to take a normal diet. Hysterical patients should be tactfully but firmly handled. They should not be allowed to while away their time in useless pursuits. Enough work to occupy them should be provided, and most important of all, they should not be pampered. They should be exhorted to strengthen their power of resistance and told that there is nothing wrong with them. Techniques of suggestion should be applied to bring them to full recovery. Persuation, psychoanalysis, education, and employment are important in theHow To Treat Hysteria With Natural Medicine


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