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How to reduce pimples using home remedies

There are many home remedies you can use to reduce pimples. Most of them can be found right in your kitchen. One of the benefits of using home remedies for acne is that they are natural and contain no harmful chemical ingredients. Besides, most home remedies for pimples are very affordable.

If you’ve got the initial acne, called comedones you can use egg white for their removal. You apply it to clean and dry skin. Leave it to dry up on the skin and then gently remove.

All the dirt and sebum, and some comedones would get stuck to the egg white and removed off the skin. This would reduce pimple on your skin and improve its look.

Another home remedy to use to reduce pimples is baking soda. It can be used as your home made scrub. Just mix it with enough water to form a paste. Then rub it into your acne affected skin. It is best to steam your skin before you start the cleaning and scrubbing it.

Baking soda helps your skin to exfoliate faster. It also loosens pimple and comedones in their nests and makes them much easier to remove. That is how it works to reduce pimples.

How to reduce pimples using home remedies


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