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Housework Can Reduce Risk Of Breast Cancer

The risk was reduced by 13 percent.

A recent study claims that an active lifestyle such as doing various household chores, gardening and walking can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

The European Prospective Investigation of Cancer (Epic) found that women who take part in physical exercise of moderate to high levels can reduce the chances of developing breast cancer by 13 percent.

This study looked at the relationship between diet, lifestyle and disease in more than 8,000 women who had breast cancer.

The study found that the most physically active, 13 percent less likely to develop breast cancer than those who are not physically active.

Meanwhile, women who took part in moderate exercise had 8 percent lower chance of developing breast cancer.

Sarah Williams, of Cancer Research UK, said the evidence was supported by the information available on the subject.

“The good news for women is that the study did not just look at the time that we spend in the gym, but also any physical exercise and where ever you do,” he added.

“So, it is clear that physical activity, including walking and cycling, gardening, playing soccer with the kids and many other physical activity is very important,” added Williams.Housework Can Reduce Risk Of Breast Cancer


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