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Homoeopathic Philosophy

IntroductionA study of any field of alternative medicine such as homeopathy is likely to take the student into a whole host of derivative concepts ranging from ancient religious rituals to quantum physics. Almost any book on the subject is going to contain a full range of holistic jargon that has no agreed upon meaning by people in the field. “We are fields of energy with a reality separate from the mind” we might be told.
There is nothing wrong here in the sense that any assertion can be proved or disproved. The problem is that people are answering a question that we don’t know about yet. Does the answer tell us why we get sick and what the process will be to get better? Are we accepting the process on faith as a substitute for what we might discover is a principle that can be used to improve our current health practice?
The establishment doctors have stayed away from developing the same sort of holistic principles and rely on chemical effects and lab tests resulting in more detailed information. They look on the alternative field with cynicism and containing a lack of ability to provide the bridge that would they would like to arrive at so that the laws of healing would derive benefit to the unquestionably disordered bodies they see but have no hope of helping.
The current popularity of mind-body study has not brought a solid bond between the need of logical inquiry and the desire to understand the murky connection between the curative powers of the mind and the illness. Instead it has opened the door to the dialog of internal mythologies which ends in belief or disbelief by a matter of faith.
On this web site, there will be no mention of metaphysical concepts unless they are labeled as such and the known facts surrounding the important principles are revealedHomoeopathic Philosophy


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