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Homeopathy can help combat Dengue!

Nine years ago, when I was president of IHB (Instituto Hahnemanniano do Brasil), some homeopathic colleagues and I were summoned to the Municipal Department of Health of Rio de Janeiro by a doctor who worked in the homeopathy department of the Department of Health. She asked us to create a formula or to suggest a medicine that could help in the treatment of dengue fever. I then created a homeopathic formula which is being used by both myself and other homeopaths for dengue treatment and prevention.
The formula is as follows:
Just take this formula to a homeopathic pharmacy and they will know what to do. The formula can be made in globules (sacarose), tablets (lactose), or drops (alcohol at 30%) at ANY HOMEOPATHIC PHARMACY. Include next to the components of the above formula your choice of:
  • globules 12g, or
  • tablets 12g, or
  • drops 15ml.
  • In cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) or even suspicion of DHF (that is, platelets below 150,000), particularly in the case of children, ADD THE FOLLOWING two medicines to the above treatment:
    PHOSPHORUS, 12 CH, 4 globules or tablets or drops taken in the morning; and
    CROTALUS, 12 CH, 4 globules or tablets or drops taken in the evening, until the platelets return to normal (150,000). DON’T STOP TAKING THE OTHER FORMULA. ACT QUICKLY.
    In the cases I have treated, the platelet count RISES surprisingly quickly.
    Homoeopathic Doctor Muhammad Usman (D.H.M.S)
    Homeopathy can help combat Dengue


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