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Home Remedies to Get Rid of Acne ,Pimples Fast

Pimples are the worst enemies of the face. Occasional pimples are understandable but sometimes they become irritating and the more you try to get rid of them, they more they seem to stick around. Thank heavens; there are easy and natural ways on how to get rid of these monsters quickly!

1. Lemon juice

Using a cotton ball (tissue may suffice), dab lemon juice on the pimple for five minutes. The solution will draw out the excess oil out of swollen pore, thereby also removing blackheads. It also diminishes the redness and swelling as well as the pain that may come along with it. However, to get rid of the pimples fast, it is good to apply lemon juice on the skin and leave it on overnight.

2. Toothpaste

Dab a small amount of white toothpaste on your pimple. Only white toothpaste should be used in this method as gel toothpaste could make your problem even worse. The toothpaste must stay on the skin for at least 2-3 hours. However, leaving the toothpaste on overnight will yield better results as it will give the toothpaste enough time to dry out the excess oil.

3. Cold compress

Pressing an ice pack on the pimple will reduce the swelling. First, wash your face to remove dirt and excess oil. The ice pack should be held on the area for fifteen to twenty minutes or until you can’t take the cold anymore. Remove the ice pack then rub on some benzoyl peroxide. Applying cold compress reduces the inflammation and swelling. It also prevents oil and bacteria from spreading and causing another pimple. The benzoyl is used to kill the bacteria that may have spread when the ice pack was pressed on the skin.

4. Hot compress

This acne treatment method is done by preparing the area of the skin where there is a pimple by softening the skin around it. First thing, wash your face with a facial wash. Cover your face with hot washcloth or towel. Leave it there for 10-20 minutes. If necessary, the washcloth may be soaked again on the hot water if the heat is already gone.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Acne ,Pimples Fast


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