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Hoarseness Prevention & Treatment Tips

Hoarseness of the voice is a complaint which accompanies or results from laryngitis (the inflammation of the larynx).

Causes and Symptoms For Hoarseness

Hoarseness may be caused by certain infections, taking a hot and cold substances alternately, or any abnormal growth and infection produced by chronic tuberculosis. In addition to difficulty in articulation, the patient suffers from a coated tongue, pain on swallowing, and, sometimes, fever accompanied by a burning sensation in the throat. Constipation tends to aggravate the condition.

Home Remedies For Hoarseness

Powder of Vasti madhu and Vacha should be given in one teaspoonful doses thrice a day with honey. Saline gargles or gargles with decoction of the bark of the acacia tree are recommended as a palliative.

Medicines Required For Hoarseness

Khadiradi Vati or Eladi Vati should be sucked as lozenges.

Diet For Hoarseness

Chillies and other condiments should be avoided, as also sour, heavy, fatty foods. Any strain on the voice should be avoided as far as possible.Hoarseness Prevention & Treatment Tips


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