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Ebola Virus History

Picture 5 – Ebola Virus Geographic Distribution
Source – wikimedia
The first case of ebola virus outbreak occurred in the form of ebola virus hemorrhagic fever in the year, 1976 in Zaire. The disease also broke out in Sudan in the same year. The species that led to the outbreak in Zaire has the highest fatality rates than any other known human pathogenic virus. Since then history of Ebola virus has noticed several successive outbreaks in Africa in the recent years of the 1990s and the millennium 2000. The lack of knowledge of the nature of lethality of the virus and its emergence as an epidemic in parts of the African subcontinent led to the medical scientists to hold a proceeding of an International Colloquium on Ebola Virus Infection & other Hemorrhagic Fevers in the month of December, in the year 1977. It was held in Antwerp in Belgium.
Similarly the investigation of the Simian hemorrhagic fever virus (SHFV) that broke out in 1989 led to the discovery of a new species of viruses that appeared quite similar to ebola that was detected in Crab-eating Macaques of Philippines. The lethality of the disease drew attention of scientists from across continents. Along these lines, several ebola virus books and journals have also been made available worldwide.
The lethality of the ebola virus can be gauged from the fact that it even has the potential to penetrate an AIDS patient and cause immense destruction to the host cell. Given the destructive nature of the virus and its complex nature, it is quite unfortunate that there is no ebola virus vaccine or treatment that is available to actually prevent the destruction that it causes to both humans and animals. Ebola virus prevention rests on the fact that one should take precautions as to avoid any physical contact with the bodily remains of an animal which may have contracted the same. Direct physical contact should also be avoided with any person who is infected in order to prevent oneself from getting infected from such a lethal viral disease.

Pictures of Ebola Virus

To get a real view of the lethality of Ebola virus let us have a glimpse of the same.



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