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Do Not Use The Dryer After Washing Hands

Hands become as intermediaries spread of germs. That is why keeping hands clean is very important. And wash hands with soap is one of the easiest ways to avoid the disease.

According to dr. R. Fera Ibrahim, MSc., PhD., SpMK., School of Medicine microbiologist doctor,wash hands with soap and under running water is much more effective at killing germs than using handsanitizer.

Dr. Fera also confirmed to use dry tissue after hand washing. However, try not to use toilet paper is usually available in public lavatories.

“Instead, do not dry hands with towel towel or tissue that hangs in public lavatories. Provide wipes for yourself,” he said.

In addition, he uses paper towels to dry hands much better than using a hand dryer that is generally available in many public toilet mall.

A study showed that the dryers actually increase the growth of germs and can spread germs through the air pressure.

“Avoiding the use of the dryer is better, and should not approach people who are using a dryer is also better. Using a tissue is sufficient. Tissues also help lift the germs on the hands,” he said.Do Not Use The Dryer After Washing Hands


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