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DiagnosisA physician may be hastily called to the home of an elderly person with few but violent symptoms. Almost immediately, the family is concerned for a prognosis where correctness is a matter of great importance. The medical professional uses their knowledge of pathology for the conclusion of the case in regards to the nature, cause and probably termination of the disease. It is a question of identification and not cure at this point.
One possible result of a thorough diagnosis is that the patient needs mechanical or hygienic attention. Another would be that the patient needs therapeutic attention. It would be the knowledge of pathology that would allow the physician to make the decision of a physical cause that should be removed surgically or in the environment or that the patient is in need of other treatment.
It is most important that the vision of what is in disorder is made clear by the knowledge of what is the normal functioning of the human body. For that reason, it would be wise to undertake the study of first aid, anatomy, pathology, and physiology on your own, through extension courses or what ever method suits your study habits.

Therapeutics and hygieneIn working with physiology, we are concerned with the general stimuli and general susceptibilities of the human organism. To formulate the relationships of special stimuli and susceptibilities it is necessary to do many trials and errors, recording and verifying all of the actions and reactions. By deduction, then, are the empirical laws formed that become the laws of therapeutics.

After applying the special stimuli to the diseased organism, then comes the restoration and maintenance of a proper equilibrium of the general stimuli which is the science of hygiene.
In homeopathy, the science of therapeutics tends to lean towards the non-chronic ailments and thus towards a more conventional approach to the use of the remedies as drugs.



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