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Dengue Common Homeopathic Remedies

Common Homeopathic Remedies

A few homeopathic remedies have been identified to counter dengue based on individualization of symptoms.For prophylaxis, its important to choose few homeopathic drugs by careful observation that are specific to the epidemic. Such drugs are also termed as the Genus Epidemicus. This GE often varies from one epidemic to another depending on variable factors like season and virulence of infection causing agent. Patients diagnosed with dengue or fevers of other origin can be treated with Homeopathic medicines by strengthening the immune system.

Keeping in mind the common symptoms manifested in dengue viral fevers, the carefully trained eyes of an efficient homeopath earnestly seeks to distinguish the fine ‘individualizing’ symptoms of his patient and the modalities that aggravate or ameliorate his suffering and chooses the remedy that is the closest mirror image of the disease symptoms totality. (Remember Principle of Similars)

Dengue and severe dengue


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