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Daily Health Tips

Daily Health Tips

1. Drink plenty of water, take at least 3-liter or 12-glasses a day. If you absolutely does not like its taste, mix something to better its flavor and taste.
2. Take no time to washout the open parts of your body when and where it required.
3. Keep your body clean and tidy. Take both regularly.
4. Get up early in the morning before sun rise, and go to bed early in the evening.
5. Make it habit to walk and light and free hand exercise at least twice a day.
6. Always be positive, think positive and speak the truth.
7. Enjoy your full sleep. Never use any medicine for it. you can enjoy the good sleep with the help of hardworking, an exercise, reading a knowledge base book or worship to your Maker.
8. Always take fresh food.
9. Avoid to drink very hot and cold water and other drinks.
10. Review your daily diet. try to avoid foods, that are high in saturated fat, sugar, high calories, empty calories or any derivative, fried, etc. Don’t stop it at once because sudden break or change in diet resulted in weakness of the body.
11. Take food when you are hungry and pull the hands when you have some desire. Eat which your body can digest easily.
12. Balance your weekly diet with meat, vegetables, fruits, grains and milk.
13. Try to decrease the use of Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Tobacco, fats, spicy and sure foods.
14. Avoid the fried and freeze foods, always use fresh ones.
15. Avoid Alcohol and other intoxicating items.
16. Always make a light dinner and walk regularly after dinner.

daily health tips



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  1. I used to depend on sleeping pills to get a full rest. Good thing I was ale to surpass that stage and I can now sleep without any medication.

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