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Cure acne naturally

Treat Acne Naturally

The body is made of 70% water – you should drink plenty. I am not talking about drinking fizzy pop, diet sodas or sugary drinks. Like many things you get out what you put in. Try reducing the amount of sugary drinks and replace these and increase your consumption of fresh water. This will help you. Also drink a glass of water before bed.

Green Tea – the overall health benefits of drinking green tea are still not fully understood but it is known that it is packed with antioxidents. I tried this drink – it does take some getting used to but overall it is not unpleasant – in fact overall after drinking this for a short while I felt much better in myself – far more so than caffeine loaded coffee. The antioxidents contained within green tea fight the bacteria that can cause acne.

Cut down on greasy foods – I know that there are people all over that say that your diet has no effect on acne. But, from my experience once I had reduced the amount of rubbish that I shoved down my throat in combination with other tips (drinking green tea and water) I found a significant reduction in acne levels. Try it and see.

You should also try eating more fruit and vegetables in your efforts to treat acne. Again these things, being natural,contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals that are vital in helping your body to overcome acne.

I found that exercise, fresh air and sunlight really helped me with my acne. The process of sweating through exercise opens up pores and helps to cleanse them naturally. Not only did this help me to reduce the number of spots that I had but it also improved my fitness levels. Like me you could try running, getting the bike out or probably one of the best ways – hit the swimming pool and work out – you sweat when you swim and the water cleanses your face – this really worked for me.

I know that acne is a pain and the effects that it can have. But it does not have to be difficult to cure. If you are looking to treat your acne naturally then many of the steps above could work for you. I had some good, encouraging results. There are plenty of guides available, should you need to use one that can give you more information on treating acne naturally.Cure acne naturally


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