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Cancer early warning sign and symptoms

Note: Homeopathic Treatment requires strict individualization. Please do not take any medicine without consulting your physician/homeopath.

Cancer early sign and symptoms, including,lung cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, and other types, homeopathy medicine, or homeopathic treatment for cancer sign and symptoms.
Causes of cancer

Most cancers are caused by frequent or persistent exposure to external carcinogens 9chemicals, radiation, and viruses) and internal factors (hormones, immune conditions, and inherited or acquired genetic mutations). These carcinogens and internal factors can cause permanent structural changes in the genetic material of the cell.

Cancer risk factors

ü  Advanced age

ü  Tobacco use

ü  Life style or personal behaviors

ü  Diet and nutrition

ü  Sexual and reproductive behavior

ü  Alcohol use

ü  Sun exposure

ü  Epstien barr virus

ü  Hepatitis B virus

ü  Helicobactor pylori

ü  Hepatitis C virus

ü  Herpes virus 8

ü  Human papillomavirus

ü  HIV

ü  Gender

ü  Geographic location, and environmental variables

ü  Ethnicity

ü  Occupation

ü  Socioeconomic status

ü  Heredity

ü  Presence of precancerous lesions

ü  Stress conditions

Early warning sign and symptoms of cancer

Leukemia – weight loss, recurrent infections, weakness and fatigue, palenssness, joint and bone pain, easy bruising.

Breast cancer – redness and soreness of nipples, lump in the breats, itching of nipples, which is not caused by pregnancy, menstruation and breats feeding.

Ovarian cancer – no early warning signs until its development in the advanced stages.

Kidney or bladder cancer – increased and frequent urination, blood in the urine, burning and pain in the region.

Lung cancer – a persistent cough, chest pain, heaviness in the chest, persistent cough.

Stomach cancer – frequent indigation, or pain after eating, bloody vomiting, weight loss.

Colon cancer – rectal bleeding, bloody stool, frequent or persistent diarrhea, constipation.

Throat and mouth cancer – soreness and chronic ulceration of mouth, throat, or tongue, white patches in the mouth.

Uterine, cervical, and endometrial cancer – irregular bleeding, bleeding between menses, pain during menses, unusual discharges, increased bleeding during menses.

Skin cancer – tumor or lump under the skin, moles that changes change color, size, and appearance very frequently, ulcerations which are hard to heal or never heals.

Lymphoma – enlarged lymph nodes, night sweats, itching of the skin, weight loss, fever of unknown origin.

Pancreas cancer – often presents with no early warning sign until the progression of the disease.

Homeopathic treatment for cancer symptoms

Homeopathic treatment for symptoms of cancer – Homeopathy offers entirely different kind of treatment compared to the other modes of treatment especially conventional treatment. It helps to treat the cancer in a natural way which covers complete picture of illness as well as of person with disease. As it is a system of treatment which follows holistic approach and the basis of remedy selection completely depend upon symptoms similarity and individual to individual. There are few well proved Homeopathic drugs given below which have got marked action over the condition of cancer (proper case taking of patient is necessary)

Arsenic Alb. – Acts very well in the cancer of stomach with intense burning heat and dry skin with thirst and restlessness.
Nitric Acid. – Cancer of the stomach with burning pain.
  Euphorbium. – Cancer of pelvic bones with severe burning pain like electric shocks.
   Sulphur – Cancer of the stomach with faint sinking sensation in the abdomen.
Kreosote – Cancer of uterus with hemorrhage from uterus.
Phytolacca. – Cancer of the mammae.
Conium. – Excellent remedy for cancer of the lips.
Condurango. – Especially in cancer of stomach and lips with painful cracks in the angle of mouth.
Natrum Mur – Cancer of nose and skin.
Hydrastis. – Cancer of lips and mammae.
Aurum Ars. – Cancer of face and lips.Cancer early warning sign and symptoms


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