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Benefits Of Consuming Cucumbers For Health

Cucumbers are often present in our diet as a pickle, or a complement to fresh vegetables. Therefore, the portion of cucumbers are eaten usually only slightly. Whereas vitamins and minerals in cucumber quite complete.

Also many health benefits. Want to know? Consider the following;

  • Cucumbers contain vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and vitamin C, which is beneficial to improve mood, increase morale, and refresh the body. In addition, the carbohydrates in cucumber is also quite high, which is capable of producing energy and eliminating fatigue.
  • Seeds of cucumber or cucumber can help cure diseases, alias help repair damaged cells due to the presence of alkaloids in seeds hypoxanthine. So if you’re used to throwing cucumbers seed, from now consume the seeds as well.
  • Eliminate cellulite and eye bags. The trick, pretty thin slices of cold cucumber, and paste it into the skin of the cellulite, or baggy eyes. Allow a few minutes, then repeat again.
  • Eliminate headaches caused by drunk alcoholic beverages. Effect that feels if you consume alcoholic beverages usually is the head feels heavy and dizzy. Well, this effect can be eliminated by eating a cucumber.
  • Relieve heartburn. You can process the cucumber into juice, or just taking it to relieve heartburn, because cucumbers also have a cooling effect.Benefits Of Consuming Cucumbers For Health


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