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All Natural Ways of Breast Growth

All Natural Ways of Breast Growth

You may wonder how anything that you eat can alter your breast size without making you gain weight. The answer is simple.

While eating certain foods alone will not guarantee you any bust enlargement, it may really help you getting faster results if you use any other methods, like creams and pills. This is because some food contains some amount of phyto-estrogens – chemicals that are close to your own estrogen hormone. And since estrogen is responsible for your feminine curves, a slight increase of that hormone in your body can help you to achieve fuller breasts.

However, food contains very small amounts of these chemicals, so it won’t cause breast enlargement by itself.


The foods that are most known for their high estrogen content are soybeans, wheat, barley and rye (gluten grains), as well as dairy products. Obviously, you are not expected to eat only bread and cheese and drink soy milk, even though this will increase your breast size along with all the other parts of your body. The idea is to include some of these foods in small quantities in to your everyday life, without overdoing it.

Another important tip is eating food that is high in bromine and manganese. These two chemicals are needed because they stimulate the production of our own sex hormones in the body. They also increase the sensitivity of receptors in the breast tissues, making them more receptive to estrogen.

Bromine can be found in many fruits and nuts like apples, pears, grapes, almonds, and walnuts.

Manganese is contained in seafood like prawns and mussels, and also in wholegrain rice, corn and spices (i.e. ginger, cloves). You can get these chemicals in a good amount by trying out the following salads.


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