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A Smooth Heel’s Tips

The heel of the foot has a very important function. Every day weight-bearing heel work. Continuous movement with footwear also cause the skin on the bottom of the foot problems.

Thickened skin heels or cracked can cause discomfort. Kosmetologis Ristra, Dr. Astrid Indriyani, offers tips for skin care foot already cracked.

Soak feet in lukewarm water that has been given a few drops of olive oil or other essential oils for 15-20 minutes. “Oil is relaxing effect and helps remove impurities. Also can make your feet feel soft, “he said.

Next, rub and rinse dry heels. Efforts rub handy heel lift dead skin cells to the surface of the skin feels smoother. However, Astrid prohibit the use of a pumice stone when rubbed because it can cause blisters or sores.

After that, use a moisturizing cream on your heels and do a light massage. Finally, use thick socks that can be absorbed perfectly moisturized.

Additionally, Astrid suggested that reducing tension away with lying, lifting feet higher than the head. Using comfortable footwear is also important for healthy awake heel. If you must use a high-heeled shoe, use heel pads to reduce the burden.A Smooth Heel’s Tips


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