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8 Tips On How To Cure Pimples Easily

Acne is a skin disorder marked by the presence of pimples, deep lumps, blackheads or pustules. This skin disease usually affects the face, back and chest. Skin-care regime must be followed in order to treat pimples. Some home treatments that have proved good cure for pimples are.

1. Puncture a Vitamin E capsule and distribute the contents over your scarred skin. Vitamin E is essential to skin health. It will improve the appearance of the scars and aid the healing process.

2. Another easy kitchen remedy for acne prevention. Take ½ cup of oatmeal and boil it in water. Let it cool. Then apply a thick coat of this all over the face. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse it off with cold water. Here is one of the many effective homemade masks for acne.

3. A chamomile compress is yet another acne remedy that can keep the inflammation in check. Soak a piece of cloth in a mixture of hot water and chamomile, to soothe the irritated skin. This is indeed a nice way to treat inflamed skin. Chamomile tea can also reduce acne scars and blackheads. Calendula is also a useful herb for treating acne patients. This is a herb that has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. This beautiful flowering herb accelerates the healing process of the damaged skin tissue. Calendula creams for acne are also available at various drug stores.

4. honey mask may work wonders to your skin curing pimples and smoothing skin. Using good quality medicated acne soap (twice a day) is another good pimples treatment. Always keep your hair off face as oil in hairs contributes to acne. Wearing makeup also aggravates problem of pimples so wear makeup only if it’s unavoidable and ensure using mild and water based makeup products.

5. Place silicone scar treatment sheets over your acne scars. Silicone helps to lighten dark scars and breaks up scar tissue. You can find scar treatment sheets in most drug stores. You generally need to leave the sheets on the area for a few days before removing them.

6. Take 500 grams of carrot. Clean it and crush it. Mix it with 5 grams of flour. Apply this mixture on the face once every 2 days. In case the paste is too sticky add less of flour or add a little rosewater to it. Let this paste remain on the face for 10 minutes then wash it off with cold water. This acne homemade facial mask works wonders for removing scars and reducing wrinkles as well.

7. One very useful herb that provides anti-inflammatory benefits is turmeric. To use this herb for acne, make a paste of turmeric and coconut oil and then apply it on the skin. Cover the affected portion and the surrounding area with this paste. Apply this paste before going to bed and allow it to remain overnight. The next day you will notice a ‘magical’ change in the size of acne.

8. Strawberry leaves: when placed on affected area helps reducing swelling of pimples because of alkalinity in leaves. Mint: Applying mint juice every night is good. Lemon and rose water: Equal amount of rose water & lemon extract can be applied on face for 30 minutes and wash it. Results can be seen in 15 days. Basil leaves: 2-3 spoon of dry leaves can be added to cup of boiling water (steep for 20 min and let it get cool). Apply using a cotton ball.8 Tips On How To Cure Pimples Easily


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