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6 Steps To Getting Healthy Ear

Keeping and health care is not just clean the ear with cotton bud. Many some of which also must be done to the organ of hearing health. Well, as quoted from several sources, including the following:

1. Reduce the intensity of the use of earphones: Without realizing it, listen to music using earphones let alone the volume is too loud can cause interference with the organ of hearing. Exposure to noise above 100 dB for more than 1 hour per day within five years can cause a person to suffer permanent hearing loss.

2. Stay away from the atmosphere is too noisy: The atmosphere is too noisy such as highways, music studio, or go to the concert can also aggravate the health condition of the organ of hearing. At least reduce its intensity is a wise move.

3. Use safety devices such as a helmet with either standard or ear protectors when driving. This step can also be done when in a noisy place such as engine noise in the factory.

4. Keep your ear hygiene: to maintain a healthy ear should also be careful. Never to clean the ear with a finger or pointed object other than a cotton bud. Although cotton bud fairly effective, its use should also be careful. Clean only the leaves and ears. Because if you clean up into the ear hole, cotton bud will push cerumen (earwax) into a deeper place. If cerumen accumulates in the eardrum, cerumen can cause tinnitus or inflammation of the eardrum.

5. Simple way, use a soft towel soaked in warm water. Clean the outside of the ear hole slowly.

6. Make sure you check the health of your ear for an ear at least once a year.6 Steps To Getting Healthy Ear


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