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6 Best Food To Protect Kidneys

You need to know, especially for people with kidney disease.

Maintaining kidney health is as important as caring heart.

Kidney is also a vital organ that can cause fatal effects if ignored.

Maintaining kidney health just by drinking lots of water and urinate frequently not enough.

To prevent kidney health problems, you should also pay attention to eating patterns (diet) can effectively help improve the performance and renal function.

Recent research also shows that iced tea turns out to be a trigger for kidney disorders.

So, what foods to maintain healthy kidneys? Here’s 6 best foods to maintain kidney health :


1. Red paprika

In addition to adding flavor and aroma of dishes, roasted red peppers also serves to clean the blood that will be very helpful for people with kidney failure.

2. White eggs

If you have kidney problems, you need a protein with a low phosphorus content. White eggs is the right choice, because it is a type of healthy protein phosphorus content is much lower than other types of protein. While the egg yolk rather should be avoided, especially by people suffering from kidney problems.

3. Flower kol

This vegetable is an enemy of the toxic compounds in the body. The content of indoles, glucosinolates and thiocyanates in cauliflower effectively eliminate toxins that interfere with the performance of the kidneys.

4. Cabbage

These vegetables are the best sources of phytochemicals are effective in removing free radicals that damage the body and skin. Eating raw cabbage is recommended for they routinely had to undergo dialysis or kidney disease.

5. Fish

Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which are good sources of protein to patients with renal impairment. The protein contained in fish tend to be more secure than other protein sources.

6 Fruit juice

Fruits have a high phytochemical content and effective way to break down the waste or toxins in the body, including the kidneys. Select the type of fruit with high antioxidant content such as berries to help the work process and renal function. That’s why people on dialysis are encouraged to drink lots of fruit juice.

 6 Best Food To Protect Kidneys



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