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5 Excess Of Oily Skin

HAVE oily skin is sometimes annoying. The face looks shiny and prone to acne.

But there are alsobenefits of oily skin, as shown below.

1. Disguise wrinkles in the face

Oily skin makes the face look younger? Excess oil on the skin becomes effective camouflage to hide the wrinkles smooth signs of premature aging. Aging on oily skin also tends to be slower, because the oils in the skin tissue capable of withstanding the appearance of wrinkles.

2. Faces more fresh

The face which shiny because the oil can make you look more refreshed. Face that shines into every woman’s dream and you can get sparkling face effect without the need to try a lot of cosmetic products. With a little polish, shiny face can be transformed into smooth as porcelain.

3. Little care

Compared with the various complaints of the owners of other types of skin, oily skin is more easily treated. You need not fear because the dry skin look scaly or inflamed skin as sensitive.

4. Skin softer

Excess oil production in addition to wrinkles on the face are also able to maintain skin elasticity. If the elasticity is well preserved, the skin becomes more supple, to avoid the appearance of skin sagging, and more tender.

5. Hold on a variety of weather

When the weather is hot, you need to use a facial moisturizer in the extra amount if your skin is dry. This allows the skin is flaky and does not more dry. If your skin is sensitive, hot weather can cause inflammation and red rash. But if your skin is oily, you can breathe easier in any weather, for oily skin proved more resilient.5 Excess Of Oily Skin


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