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Health Tips — 22 October 2012
Live Longer Life take 3 tips

If you want to live a longer life, it may be time to do as the Japanese do.
People in Japan have the highest average life expectancy and in other world the adult average age is 86 years, according to a study by The Lancet.

Visit to the doctor every year
American Osteopathic Association recommends that people visit the doctor every year, but many do not. Boys 18-29 at least two-thirds have visited in recent years, the panorama of AOA. Recent reforms in health, adults pay for health insurance, no doctor.
Japan’s government does; it is mandatory for everyone 40 to 74 years old to have an annual check-up, along with a health education intervention, which is focused on the prevention of metabolic syndrome—a combination of medical disorders that can lead to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
Control your Food 
The Japanese just eat smaller portions than Americans to eat. In this way, control the contribution of all: Use smaller plates and bowls. A study conducted by Cornell University, use the bowl of ice cream machines, which have claimed more than 57 percent more than those who used the blood. Blank sign means that the complete, researchers say.
Eat greens Vegetables
The Japanese are usually use four or five fruits in each meal, the study in the Journal of Consumer Research. And about 60 percent of Japanese eat vegetables with every meal, adding about 55 five servings of vegetables each day!

Live Longer Life take 3 tips

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