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Health Tips — 26 October 2012
Eggs Are Now More Healthy And Safe To Eat

The study found the current quality of the eggs are healthier, safer and nutritious for consumption rather than the quality of eggs 30 years ago.

As reported by the time of india, it is in line with the feed given to chickens has changed over the years. Resulting in cholesterol and saturated fat is much less in it.

Scientists from the Institute of Food Research believes the current quality of the eggs are healthier because of new food consumed by animals that absorb more vitamin D and other nutrients.

Since the 1980s, they had been fed a mixture of wheat, corn oil, vegetables and high protein feed formulated, not flesh and bones.

The study, funded by the UK Department of Health found that eggs today have an average of nearly 25% less saturated fat – associated with the disease.

Better technology also means scientists can now analyze the nutritional content of eggs is more accurate.

Not only are the eggs found to be lower in fat, cholesterol and calories, but they also contain more vitamin D than sebelumnya.Hampir twice the number recorded in 1980, reports the Daily Mail.

The study also found an egg now contains 177 micrograms of cholesterol, which clogs arteries, less than 10 percent of the previously recorded 202 micrograms. They have fewer calories than the experts predicted.Eggs Are Now More Healthy And Safe To Eat

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