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Health Tips — 27 October 2012
Drinking Warm Water Plus Lemon Juice Helps The Body More Healthy

This is the drink that when consumed with a routine can give very good effects on health.Simply provide hot water and one lemon or lime juice to drink every morning. If both are mixed and taken daily, can provide the following benefits:

  • Boost the immune system. Lemon is filled with vitamin C and potassium. Vitamin C can increase the body’s defense of the flu virus attacks and potassium help the functioning of the brain and nerves, and blood pressure control.
  • Balancing the body’s acidity level. Even though lemon is acidic, but it turned into a time into the body alkaline. The body needs an alkaline condition to obtain good health.
  • Lose weight. Lemons contain pectin to reduce appetite hungry. Thus, lemon is very good help when you enter a diet program lemonade diet menu list.
  • The combination of warm water and lemon is very good for digestion. Warm water can stimulate the digestive tract and muscle peristalsis in the bowel wall. While lemon, supplying minerals, vitamins, and as an antidote to the poison in the digestive tract.
  • Diuretic. Lemon is a diuretic or a smooth urination. Thus, become more healthy urinary tract.
  • Vitamin C in the lemon can lower wrinkling and skin blemishes. Lemon water helps remove toxins that contribute to unhealthy skin.Drinking Warm Water Plus Lemon Juice Helps The Body More Healthy

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