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Dengue treatment

I am posting here as I have been given a homeopathic treatment for Dengue Fever. A good friend of mine passed it on to me, but I don’t know where it came from yet. 

I wanted to know if anyone knows of this treatment. It’s in Urdu, but I’ll try to put it into English. 

Rhus tox. / Eupatorium perf. / China off. / Ledum palustre/ 
Gelsemium/ 5CH/ aã. 

The above is for prevention as well and treatment. 

What follows is given for Dengue haemorrhagic fever: 

Phosphorus 12 CH , glóbulos ou tabletes ou gotas pela manhã ; e à tarde : 
Crotalus horridus, 12 Ch, 4 tabletes ou gotas, etc… até as plaquetas 
normalizarem-se.(150 000) 

If anyone has any comments, I would very much appreciate it. 

Brazil, as you may know, is going through a very difficult time now with Dengue and if this treatment can be of help, there are many that could benefit from it. 

I have no experience with Dengue so I can’t give my opinion. 

Thank you for taking you time to read this. 

God bless you, Dengue treatment

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