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Dengue fever in Pakistan
LAHORE - The number of dengue patients has reached 15 as one new case appeared in Lahore on Wednesday, reported a private news channel. 
According to the private news channel, dengue virus was confirmed in 22-year-old Azhar belonging to Bilal Ganj who was shifted to Mayo Hospital for treatment.
According to the doctors, Azhar was brought to the hospital after dengue fever was diagnosed in his blood tests. The doctors said that the patient was being treated in a proper way. According to the details provided by the Health Department, confirmed number of dengue cases so far had been 15. 
Religious scholars have also committed to play a role in creating awareness about dengue among the general population. Punjab Auqaf Minister Haji Ehsan-ud-Din Qureshi urged the religious scholars to play their role for creating awareness among the people regarding dengue virus. According to the details, he asked the religious scholars to teach the people about cleanliness of atmosphere in their respective areas to avoid the reproduction of dengue mosquito, fever and other viral diseases from spreading. While speaking to a delegation of doctors, laborers and religious scholars, the minister said that during last year elected representatives played a commendable role in promoting public awareness against dengue. He also urged all segments of the society to sensitize the people especially the labor class about adoption of preventive measures against dengue.

Dengue fever in Pakistan

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