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Disease Info Health Tips — 25 September 2012
Child is having an asthma attack


Child is having an asthma attack
Don’t use this guideline unless the child was previously diagnosed as having asthma, asthmatic bronchitis or reactive airway disease by a physician

Main symptom

A wheeze or whistling (purring) sound on breathing out is the classic symptom
Coughing may be the first symptom of an asthma attack

Causes (triggers) of asthma attacks

Viral respiratory infections
Animal contact (especially cats)
Tobacco smoke or menthol vapors
Air pollution (e.g., barn, circus, wood stove, dirty basement)

Severity of an asthma attack

Mild: no shortness of breath (SOB) at rest, mild SOB with walking, speaks normally in sentences, can lie down flat, wheezes only heard by stethoscope (GREEN Zone: Peak Flow Rate 80-100% of baseline level or personal best)
Moderate: SOB at rest, speaks in phrases, prefers to sit (can’t lie down flat), audible wheezing (YELLOW Zone: Peak Flow Rate 50-80% of baseline level)
Severe: severe SOB at rest, speaks in single words (struggling to breathe), usually loud wheezing or sometimes minimal wheezing because of decreased air movement (RED Zone: Peak Flow Rate less than 50% of baseline level)Child is having an asthma attack

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